2017 Fall Gospel Meeting

Runs September 9-12, 2018

Speaker: Ty Rhymes

Ty Rhymes has served as the pulpit preacher of the Pickwick Church of Christ in Pickwick Dam, Tennessee for two years. He is married to the beautiful Heidi Rhymes. He is a graduate from the Memphis School of Preaching. He loves to write, hunt, fish, and play golf. He participates in many youth days, and has spoken on several lectureships. To God be the glory!


Sunday, September 9
Bible Class 9:30 AM - What Do You Do More Than Others?
Worship 10:30 AM - Gods Answer to Mans Excuses
Worship 6:00 PM - Living Above the Line

Monday, September 10
7:00 PM - Faith Files - Genuine Faith

Tuesday, September 11
7:00 PM - In Christ Alone I Have Purpose

Wednesday, September 12
7:00 PM - How to Love the King