Goals for the church
  1. Develop a sense of Family - Spiritual Family. One showing love and concern for each member.
  2. Educate, stress and motivate toward individual Christian responsibility
  3. Lead and exhort each one to be a soul winner in whatever situation they find themselves. Believing that being a soul winner on the job is better than making a job out of soul winning.
  4. Press home that knowledge of God's word and personal application is the key to spiritual success.
  5. Develop a positive approach to missionary activities. Select and work toward a specific missionary goal.
  6. Work toward and be a part of a growing visionary leadership, with plans to keep saved souls secure and to win lost souls.
  7. Develop a strong, active Bible School program, where teachers care for the soul of each student and God's word is the key tool in use.
  8. Develop the attitude that one, loving, concerned Christian is the best program the Church can have. Everything else is poor substitution.
  9. Be active through visitation, fellowships, retreats, outings, worship, to be edified and built up as members, believing that strong Christians make strong churches.
  10. Stress the granduer, glory and sufficiency of the Church of our Lord, as He intended it to be.
For this, we need building stones of strength